Dave Wallace will fight for younger people’s right to invest their Social Security in 401Ks. He will also protect everyone’s right to choose to wear a mask and take Covid shots.

Dave Wallace will fight to restore honesty in Washington DC so it works for the American people again. Among other things, he supports term limits and demands a presidential one-line budget veto.

The First Amendment provides for Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of the Press, and Freedom of Assembly.

I believe and will fight for an individual’s right to free speech since it is the “most basic component of freedom of expression,”

The National Religious Freedom Pledge to Support Religious Freedom for All Americans.

I PLEDGE to defend religious freedom for all Americans and all of America’s religious communities, a freedom protected in our Constitution’s First Amendment guarantee of the inalienable right of religious free exercise. I will condemn any discrimination, bigotry, or violence against any religion that is practiced in the United States of America.


Dave Wallace will protect the police and other first responders. He will vote to give them the resources and equipment they need to protect us from criminals both foreign and domestic.

Jock Bruce was a virtuoso!
His music died, due to the thorn that pierced his heart.
He died due to combination of needing love , and the Fentanyl Epidemic!
I got to know Jock Bruce as he collapsed in Carroll County, of his first fentanyl overdose after he obtained it in BALTIMORE CITY, MARYLAND!
His death was one I felt deeply. It broke my heart. I still try to cope with his death.
I saw him as a young man that I could have adopted at a younger age.
He was full of a sense of hopelessness and a longing for belonging. He longed for a fatherly role model.
He worked two jobs. To get by. But he could not overcome his deep depression. We need drug courts. Yes. We need counseling services! Yet we need to attack the fatherless family!
We can not ignore this problem any longer.
We must confront and combat this Epidemic of pain & suffering headlong.

The Cure for Inflation-GOLD!More preciselyThe Gold Standard Act!I am the candidate who will Introduce and be the lead sponsor of the Gold Standard Act.From the moment of the Nixon Shock — the moment America went off the Gold Standard— in 1971, The American Dollar Lost 85% in the 10 years hence. That is, from 1971-1981 you and I lost 85% of our buying power! We need to bring sanity to our American Monetary Policy. So I propose and will be the chief Sponsor of the original Gold Standard Act of 1984. Originally introduced by Jack Kemp, and co-sponsored by Congressmen Vin Weber, Connie Mack and House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
With one stroke of the pen, we will handcuff the Entire Federal Reserve. We will save the US Economy! We will prevent the further erosion of the US Dollar. Our economy’s furnace will be regulated by the Gold Standard Thermostat. We will arrest the devaluation of the dollar using the precious metal, Gold! Gold has withstood multiple millennia! Yet no one realized the axiom “If ain’t Broke, don’t fix it!”And in attempting to cure the ills of failed fiscal policy of the Lyndon B. Johnson presidency, namely the Fiscal imprudence of the Great Society, that imposed Socialism 1.0, the key adviser to Nixon, the egotistical,  John Connolly set about the novice Nixon on “Fixing” the Monetary System by untethering the dollar. The result was the destruction of the value of our US dollar. The only person who got it was federal reserve chairman, Alan Greenspan who actually employed the de facto Gold Standard while he watched over monetary policy. He admitted so much in the most recent 5-7 years.
When the idea was floated by President Trump, that he would nominate Steve Moore to the federal Reserve, the Imbeciles and liars at CNN, where Steve Worked, pulled out the knives to skewer him. They made horrible personal attacks against Steve Moore who they thought he would push to employ the Gold Standard, and that he would be a threat to their fiat currency. Fiat Currency is Government’s way of imposing taxes without one single vote of Congress!Today, we have an opportunity to change all that, I will not cower, I will not be intimidated!
I will stand up for the American people, I will fight to restore the Gold Standard to protect your buying power. I will lead this crusade to protect our Dollar and all Americans buying power. We will end inflation in its tracks.

Dave Wallace will fight for lower gas prices and make America Energy Independent again. He will vote for the use of energy sources wherever they happen to be, including natural gas in Maryland.



Free Market Economics works when there is Safety and Security! In a low tax environment. When Fiscal Policy is out of Control. When we have a freight train with Profligate Spending! The model needs a low spending environment so the Market can work. High taxes and High spending

Dr. Robert Redfield had so much knowledge early, yet, he never spoke out. He held his tongue as part of the Institutional Team. So I can not ever fully trust him. He seems to have known that the CDC, FDA and NIH ALL BENEFITED, from North Carolina State’s Ralph Baric and ECOHEALTH

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